Technical Content

As an experienced medical and health writer and editor, I help medical education companies, medical communication companies, health care companies, professional organizations, and patient- or disease-focused organizations produce clear, informative, and readable documents—delivered on deadline.

Project descriptions are provided in lieu of samples due to the proprietary nature of these projects.

Target audience: Physicians practicing in emergency departments and hospitals

Deliverable: White paper presenting and contextualizing descriptive statistics from a professional member organizational survey about burnout and moral distress during COVID-19.

Target audience: Medical affairs teams in pharma and diagnostic device companies

Deliverables: Participated in an agency-based team to support production of various deliverables including competitive analyses for drugs and diagnostic tests, literature surveys, and dossiers to support regulatory approval.

Target audience: Pharma company grant reviewers

Deliverables: Research and produce continuing medical education needs assessments and slide decks for modules covering topics ranging from post-gene therapy patient care, to new first-in-class drugs for postpartum depression, ALS and genetic testing; recognizing, diagnosing, and treating cold agglutinin disease; health disparities in triple-negative breast cancer and investigational therapies; and more.

Target audience: Insurance payers and investors/venture capitalists

Deliverable: Slide deck on the science behind liquid biopsy diagnostic tests for early detection of cancer relapse in follow-up monitoring and surveillance; exploring limitations and potential within clinical settings.