Technical Content

As an experienced medical and health writer and editor, I help medical education companies, medical communication companies, health care companies, professional organizations, and patient- or disease-focused organizations produce clear, informative, and readable documents—delivered on deadline.


Technical writing services include the following deliverables. (Project descriptions are provided below in lieu of samples due to the proprietary nature of these projects.)

      • CME needs assessments
      • CME slide decks
      • White papers
      • Manuscripts
      • Meeting reports
      • Technical reports
      • Synthesis reports
      • Slide decks

Target audience: Pharma company and medical education grant reviewers

Deliverables: Continuing medical education (CME) needs assessments and CME slide decks for modules covering topics ranging from post-gene therapy patient care, to new first-in-class drugs for postpartum depression, ALS and genetic testing; recognizing, diagnosing, and treating cold agglutinin disease; health disparities in triple-negative breast cancer and investigational therapies; pharmacological options for myelofibrosis; biologics for atopic dermatitis; maintenance therapy with immune checkpoint inhibitors for locally advanced/metastatic urothelial cancer; diagnosing and treating hidradenitis suppurative in emergency department settings; pharmacological management of post-operative short bowel syndrome with fistula complications; geographic atrophy with age-related macular degeneration; diabetic macular edema; and novel fast-acting small molecule drugs for the treatment of major depressive disorder in combination with elevated anxiety; and more.

Target audience: Academic clinical researchers

Deliverable: Synthesis report aggregating and organizing meeting notes from 24 breakout sessions of a virtual meeting of program directors from biomedical research institutions participating in a privately funded grant program.

Target audience: Physicians practicing in emergency departments and hospitals

Deliverable: White paper presenting and contextualizing descriptive statistics from a professional healthcare provider organizational member survey about burnout and moral distress during COVID-19.

Target audience: Medical affairs teams in pharma and diagnostic device companies

Deliverables: Participated in an agency-based team to support production of various deliverables including competitive analyses for drugs and diagnostic tests, literature surveys, and dossiers to support regulatory approval.

Target audience: Insurance payers and investors/venture capitalists

Deliverable: Slide deck on the science behind liquid biopsy diagnostic tests for early detection of cancer relapse in follow-up monitoring and surveillance; exploring limitations and potential within clinical settings.